A collective from Grece that is part of the Pickle Bar programme in Athens

VASKOS (founded in 2014) is a multidisciplinary artistic duo by Vassilis Noulas and Kostas Tzimoulis that is based in Athens/GR. Their practice focuses on performance, photography, drawings, ceramics, publications, and curating, playfully exploring the notion of artistic, sexual and national identity. VASKOS tries to look upon the ‘artistic duo’ as a contemporary artistic practice, a conscious choice that offers an alternative model of artistic symbiosis and complicity, and one which tests the limits of the subject’s traditional identity and common singularity or ‘oneness’. Recently, their work has been presented at the Athens Photo Festival, the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMΣT), the Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative (PCAI), the Greek National Opera, the TRANSFORM! Queer Arts Festival in Marseille/FR, HKW in Berlin/DE, and Phenomenon Anafi.

Vassilis Noulas (1975) is a visual artist and theatre director. He is a founding member and primary director of the theatre collective Nova Melancholia. In his work, he attempts to re-approach elements of the Greek and the European traditions of ‘melancholy’, thereby gradually constructing his personal spiritual genealogy. He studied Drama at the University of Athens, Visual Arts at the ASFA, and pursued postgraduate studies at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. His work has been presented at the Athens Festival, the Onassis Stegi, the Santarcangelo Festival, the Greek National Opera, and the Athens Biennale, as well as in squats, apartments and self-managed spaces. He is the author of five books of poetry and short prose. The Lair, his first feature film, premiered at the Thessaloniki Festival 2019. In recent years he has taken part in several bottom-up city movements, including the Mavili Collective, Theatre Embros Occupancy, and Green Park Occupancy in Athens. Noulas lives and works in Athens/GR.

Kostas Tzimoulis (Thessaloniki/GR, 1974) is a visual artist. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and pursued postgraduate studies at Westminster University, London and the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, in the Netherlands. He has presented solo exhibitions: Inside Outside (Graduate show, 2003) Recycled Spaces (2007) at the PCC, Belgrade; Useless Passages (2008) at the Artis Causa Gallery, Thessaloniki; Yucca (2015) at the Green Park occupation, Athens; No Armature (2018) at Asklipiou 99, Athens; and Predela (2020) at the EIGHT – a critical institute for arts and politics, Athens. Since 2014 he has been collaborating closely with the performance group Nova Melancholia. In 2016 – together with Vassilis Noulas and Gigi Argyropoulou – he co-initiated and co-organised the DIY performance biennale ‘No Future’, and in 2019 he organised EIGHT – a critical institute for arts and politics. He is currently an academic scholar at the Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries at the University of Thessaly. Tzimoulis lives and works in Athens/GR.