Ivana Ivković

Ivana Ivković gained international recognition by shifting the infamous classical roles between women and men in her drawings, performances and site-specific works. The notions of identity and gendered experience play a key role in her work.

Ivana Ivković (b. 1979 in Belgrade/RS) holds an M.A. in drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Since 2002 she has had several solo shows in Serbia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA, Denmark, Turkey, Canada and India, as well as participations in many international group exhibitions. Ivković is a three-time finalist of the prestigious Politika prize for the best exhibition and the holder of KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna/AT. She has held numerous artist’s residencies and scholarships: Residency Unlimited, New York/US (2008); Casa dell Arte, Bodrum/TR (2012); Les Gens Heureux, Copenhagen/DK (2013); scholarship of the City of Linz, Linz/AT (2014); Art Residency scholarship in Beirut/LB (2015); and full stipend Can Serrat in Barcelona/ES (2016). Her works are included in collections at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade/RS, October Salon in Belgrade/RS, Wiener Städtische Collection of Contemporary Art in Vienna/AT, Telenor Collection of Serbian Contemporary Art in Belgrade/RS, the Museum of Belgrade City, and in several private collections in New York/US, Basel/CH, Berlin/DE. Ivana Ivković lives and works in Belgrade/RS.

The following artwork will be shown as part of the EVROVIZION.CROSSING STORIES AND SPACES project:

MONUMENT: NO ONE IS LOST, video performance and installation – scaffolding,
3-channel video, 20 min, sound, colour, Novi Sad/RS, 2021.
Directed by Ivana Ivković
Cinematography by Ivan Zupanc
Editing by Vladan Obradović
© Ivana Ivković

MONUMENT: NO ONE IS LOST by Ivana Ivković presents a continuation of the artist’s multimedia research started several years ago, in which she creates performative tableau vivant situations in specific contexts and places. Issues of identity and gender stereotypes figure strongly in Ivković’s work, whereby she uses the naked and/or semi-naked male body as a performative instrument or medium of specific sensitivity and sensuality. Ivković’s works have always been focused on their viewers’ experiences, i.e. their emotional and psychological perception of ambiences and events.

MONUMENT: NO ONE IS LOST problematises the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of gender roles in the political, ethical and symbolic reflection of the biopolitics of female perception. A larger group of male performers arranged with minimal choreography within the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina act out a scenario representing a developed composition of The Last Judgment – a deconstruction of this biblical play that “re-enacts” the momentum just after it. What happens next? After every revolution, a new heaven is created, but what does an individual do in that space of newly conquered and acquired freedom? What exactly do the processes of the deconstruction of old beliefs leave behind? This work is about the fear of the unknown, about seeing ourselves through confronted others, and about what happens after we have understood the other within a wide spectrum of all the challenges of acceptance and of living in freedom.

This artwork is part of the ifa art collection.

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